Our History

Opportunities for Kids began in 2000 when Dennis David was volunteering at an after school homework center in a trailer park in a low income neighborhood in Fallbrook, CA. Realizing that the kids at the homework center had nothing fun to do, Dennis decided to take five young boys to a Friday night high school football game. They had no idea how much fun it was to attend a high school football game in their town, especially  when they got the chance to go out onto the field at the end of the game and meet the high school players in person.

Gio Morales in the news
Ron Jonason photo courtesy
the Fallbrook Village News

One of the players, a big defensive lineman named Gio Morales, got down on his knees to talk to the boys at their level. He told them how important school was and how much fun it was to be a football player. The young boys looked up to Gio like the real hero that he was. After talking to the boys, Gio told Dennis and team mom Kathleen Gillis that the community of Fallbrook should step up and reach out to the kids who need help. That night was the inspiration that led to the founding of our organization.

Dennis and Tyler
2004-2005 Honoree Tyler Breckenridge

Originally called Fallbrook Youth Scholarships, we began by honoring Gio Morales as the best role model for the kids of Fallbrook. We then asked our community to donate an amount in dollars equal to Gio’s jersey number. We have continued with that program every year by honoring a player whose name is placed on a perpetual trophy at Fallbrook High School. The funds that we have raised have been used to support underprivileged kids get involved in youth football and cheerleading.

But it didn't stop there. In 2003, we expanded our activities beyond football and cheerleading due to the fact that art and music programs had been virtually eliminated from our elementary schools. We were one of the founding members of the Fallbrook Alliance for Art Education, an organization that played a significant role in returning those programs to our schools. We also sponsored talent shows, provided free violins and violin lessons to elementary school children, supported our local middle school music program, and replaced stolen music instruments. These programs were supported by grants from the David T. and Dorris S. Staples Foundation and the David Chow Foundation.

PJHS Band Check
Fallbrook Youth Scholarships supports
Potter Jr. High School Music Program

After nearly ten years of helping underprivileged kids receive the opportunities that they deserve, we deeply understand the importance of our programs to our local community. The more children that we can steer down a fun and healthy path, the better off we all are.

Because our programs were successful and well respected by our local community, we realized that expanding our efforts to reach more children was the right thing to do, and, on July 4, 2009, our name was officially changed to Opportunities for Kids. We are currently expanding to make our services available to children all over Southern California, and it is our vision to eventually reach out to all of California and the United States of America.