What We Do

Our programs are simple: we fund character-building, educationally beneficial activities for children.  When a child needs financial help to participate in the fun and healthy after school activity, they fill out an Application for Assistance and mail it to us.  We then pay the necessary fees directly to those who are registered with O4K as a legitimate provider of activities for kids.  Those activities include fine arts, performing arts, sports, and learning and tutoring services.

Our funding comes from donations received from individuals, businesses, Foundations and Government agencies.   Grant funding can be designated to support children in specific activities and/or locations.  For instance, a grant from a professional sports league can be restricted to support kids in that sport only, or a  County Government grant may be used to support only the kids who live in that County.

Opportunities for Kids is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization officially recognized by the IRS specifically for the purpose of providing assistance to underprivileged children.  All of your contributions are deeply appreciated and are fully tax deductible.