Foundations and Gov't Agencies

It is not required that grant funding support all activities for kids in all locations. The preference(s) of the contributor will determine which activities for kids will be supported.

Funding from Foundations Grants and Government Agencies can be earmarked to support specific activities for kids in chosen locations.

For instance, a contributor can choose to support all activities, or only Fine Arts, or only a specific Fine Art such as Painting. Another contributor can choose to support all Sports, or only Youth Football/Cheerleading.

Funding can be restricted to support children in a specific geographic area. A grant from a city or county agency may be used to help only kids who live in that city or county.

O4K looks forward to working with Foundations and Government Agencies that share our passion of helping children in need pursue higher goals in life. If you would like to receive a grant application from us please contact us directly at or call us at (760) 468-6239.